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Saskatoon is blessed with many, many outstanding volunteers and community leaders in not-for-profit organizations.  The B’nai Brith Proud of You Award  is intended to nurture and encourage individuals to follow the exemplary dedication of an individual who makes our community a better place for everyone, and who has not yet been recognized for their selfless commitment to help others.

Past winners include:

Hugh Tait, Sam Landa, Joe Leier, George Porteous, Syd Gelmon, Howard Stensrud, Al Tubby, Ted Hughes, Al Anderson, Ed Sebestyen, Boris Kischuk, Tony Dagnone, Kris Rao, David Kaplan, Albert Ayers, Cliff Worden, Gerry Rose, Cliff Wright, Peter Zakreski, Fred Gathercole, Eric Antonini, Howard Nixon, Thomas Molloy, Les Dube, Murray Sadownick, Ken Howland, Dennis Carr, Ray Hodson, Ted Merriman, Doug Hodson, Murray Osborn, Don Ravis, Lyle Broadfoot, Steven Goluboff, Wally Mah, Jim Yuel, Jack Brodsky, Grant Kook, Steve Shannon, Craig Peterson, Bob Fawcett, Orest Chorneyko, Ian Buckwold, Paul Jaspar, Milton Tayor, Murray Scharf, Synergy 8, Bruce Rempel, Arnie Shaw, Saskatchewan health care professionals, Gregg Bamford, and last year's winner Mike Tanton.

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